Disease Management

There is also evidence that magnetic therapy does help in reducing neck pain, post-polio pain and diabetic foot pain. It also helps in the treatment of female urinary continence. The magnets can be worn directly against the skin in a variety of stylish jewellery pieces or can be used in a more therapeutic setting.Magnets stimulate circulation, relax the blood vessels, increase endorphin levels, reduce muscle tension, and also normalize metabolic functioning.

Although claims that magnetic therapy helps to treat diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis are not confirmed, there is some evidence that it does help relieve pain related to these chronic conditions. We also bring to notice that Magnetic therapy should not be taken by patients undergoing radiology, pregnant women and people with cardiac pacemakers. Also, it is important to consult a health care professional about the condition you are seeking to alleviate through magnetic therapy, rather than letting a potential serious health problem go untreated.